Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ’S. These are just a handful of the requirements for Pool Compliance but some of the most commonly asked questions.

How long will my Pool Safety Certificate be current?

Private home – 2 years
Shared pool/resort/body corp – 1 year

Does my pool need to be on the Pool Safety Register to obtain a certificate?
Yes – do this immediately if it is not. All pools had to be registered and compliant by November 2015.
If my pool requires a second inspection do I have to use the same Pool Safety Inspector?

Yes – The same inspector is legally bound to re – inspect the pool fence after repairs are carried out and be satisfied that the pool fence complies. The pool owner is also legally bound to use the same Pool Safety Inspector.

I have windows from my house that open directly into the pool area. Does this comply?
The windows must be security screened or have a secure and permanent stop in place that allows the window to open no more than 100mm.
Do Pool Safety laws apply to spas and portable pools?

Yes – the Pool Safety laws apply to pools and spas capable of being filled with water to a depth of 300mm. It does not matter if it is permanent or temporary.

How far back do i trim climbable trees from my pool fence?
00mm from the pool barrier. Climbable branches may be permitted within 900mm from the top of the fence if a child cannot reasonably access them. There must be a clear area on the inside of the fence of 300mm.
What is the maximum allowable gap under, between vertical members or around my pool barrier?
Maximum allowable gap is 100mm.

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